Back From Vacation - 1/4/09 -

Back From Vacation - 1/4/09

Just back in the office and have several thoughts on what's going on in the local sports scene:

--I HATE to see Aaron Miles leave. The Cardinals will miss his versatility and production. Clearly, Adam Kennedy's $4 million salary dictated his departure and that's a shame.

---The more I see the Ravens play defense, the more it makes sense for the Rams to interview coordinator Rex Ryan. He consistently has one of--if not the stingiest--defense in the league. Since he took over the Baltimore defense in 2005, the Ravens have never finished worse than sixth best in total yards allowed. In fact, they've finished sixth, fifth, first, sixth and second in Ryan's five seasons running the defensive show. This season, in addition to finishing second in total yards, the Ravens boast the stingiest run defense and the fourth stingiest pass defense.

---If I didn't see the upset with my own eyes, I never would believe that USC lost to Oregon State in September. USC is deserving of a shot at the national championship but won't get one. Oregon State, albeit without its top back and receiver, could barely muster three points in the Sun Bowl. One bad game early in the season shouldn't cost a team that is arguably the best around in January. Of course, a playoff system would give USC its shot. It's an old, tired argument with no resolution in sight. I'd love to see USC taking on the Florida--Oklahoma winner for the real championship. For that matter, Texas should have its shot at the title. What a mess.

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