Completely Off Topic(sort of) -

Completely Off Topic(sort of)

Forgive me for drifting from the sports world here. Indulge me for a moment if you will. I was delighted to see the new President unload on the irresponsible Wall Street Execs who took more than 180 million in bonuses last year while most Americans were helplessly watching their life savings disappear.

The corporate greed in this country is sickening. And, if I may drift back on topic, I see it spill over into sports all the time. Quite frankly, salaries and bonuses are out of control. When I see the Yankees hand out 415 million dollars in GUARANTEED money to three free agents at the same time they're raising season ticket prices to absurd levels, I am similarly sickened. There's something to be said for individual sports like tennis and golf where the players have to perform to get paid.

Is anybody else so sick of this pattern of corporate greed that they could scream? It's sometimes tough for me to treat games like they're an essential element of the news when average Americans are being bled dry by the greed that we've allowed to become part of the American landscape.

Sorry for the rant. But, it's another reason why I believe I would enjoy making the transition to news. I love the communication aspect of what I do. But, I would love to be communicating the information that actually impacts lives. That said, I realize that sports do offer an outlet or diversion for people weary of the increasingly heavy topics with which we're now dealing. As long I continue to report sports, I'll do so with a sense of humor. It's never been life and death--and that's more true now than ever before.

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