Best Player Available -

Best Player Available

That must be the Rams approach to the draft, every round of it, in April. When you draft strictly for need, you get shorthchanged down the road. The Rams are talent-poor from top to bottom of the roster and the way to improve that is to draft good football players, not football players who can fill a specific need.

I'm guessing Alabama tackle Andre Smith has played his way off the Rams draft board. This young man let his teammates down by getting suspended for 'Bama's bowl game. Now, he mysteriously disappears from the combine. You have to question his judgement and committment. You have to before you invest 10 or 15 million guaranteed.

I'm all for drafting a tackle at number two if he's the guy who is deserving. I'm partial to Jason Smith of Baylor. I think he has the most athletic ability and the biggest upside of all the top tackles. But, I could also see Linebacker Aaron Curry of Wake or WR Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech being the pick at two. But, whoever the pick is he must be a solid, squared away guy with zero question marks off the field. Andre Smith no longer makes the cut.

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