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Take the Diapers Off

Anybody else tired of the way NFL quarterbacks have to be coddled and protected for fear of damaging their psyche? Give me a break. You think Vince Lombardi never got after Bart Starr? I guarantee you that Bill Parcells would unload on Phil Simms. And Chuck Noll would challenge Terry Bradshaw publicly. All three of those QB's won Super Bowls and had great careers.

Football is the ultimate team game and a QB is the leader of that team. So they're supposed to be immune from criticism and treated with kid gloves? No, they're supposed to be tough enough mentally to shoulder the blame when necessary. Sensitive types not need not apply in the NFL. That holds true at QB.

What's got me fired up here? Jay Cutler in Denver is publicly pouting and throwing a tantrum because the Broncos may have considered trading him. Well, boo hoo, Jay. You've complied a 17-20 record in three seasons as the Broncos starter and the team fell flat on its face in the final month last season. That makes Jay Cutler untouchable? Please. Another example of the 21st century athlete--not all but some.

I actually like Cutler's abilities but his whining and his agent's whining turn me off. I'd bet it's having the same effect on Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels. Cutler needs to take the diapers off and cinch up the panties and act like a man while he's being paid a handsome sum to play a man's sport.

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