So Long, Torry -

So Long, Torry

It's becoming apparent that Torry Holt has played his last game in a Rams uniform. That's a shame. But, that's business. Torry understands that. He's still got plenty to offer a team and I wish him nothing but the best.

Some at Rams Park last season wanted you to believe that Torry's attitude had gone south. Please. If Torry wasn't his usual upbeat self it's an indication of how fouled up the Rams had become. I've know Torry well--well enough to consider him as professional and dedicated as any athlete I've ever been around. In fact, I'll put Torry's professionalism up against any of his detractors.

In my opinion, Torry is the second greatest St. Louis Ram, behind only Orlando Pace. I base my rankings on extended on-field achievement. Big O and Torry were named to seven Pro Bowls as Rams, more than anyone one else in St. Louis Rams history. They were great for MORE seasons than any of their teammates including Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce and Marshall Faulk.

I hope one day to be in Canton for Holt's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His numbers are Hall-worthy. Through the first nine seasons of this decade, Torry has more receptions and more receiving yards than any other player. And, his yards per catch average is the best in NFL history. And he was remarkably durable and always tough enough to play through injuries. Add to it his sure hands (some of the best I've ever seen), a willingness to block downfield, and his route running excellence and you have one of the most complete receivers in this era.

ESPN can't stop talking about T.O.'s release while Torry is hardly mentioned. Shows how how screwed up this biz is. I'll take Torry over T.O. every time. That's a no-brainer.

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