Not So Fast -

Not So Fast

I have heard some folks in the media referencing this Mizzou hoops team as the best in school history. Let's hold on a minute and think this through.

Yes, the Tigers won a school record 31 games but teams today play five or six or seven more games per season than Norm Stewart's teams did. And although this club made an impressive run to the Elite 8, it finished third in the Big 12 in the regular season. Yes, winning the conference tourney was great but Oklahoma and Kansas finished ahead of the Tigers over the course of regular season play. I'd put this year's team in the top three or four for sure but I've got two better candidates for the top spot in Mizzou history.

Let's start with the 1993-94 team that won the Big 8 regular season title by going 14-0 in conference play. And that team also made it to the Elite 8. 14-0 in Big 8 play trumps anything done by this year's crew. That was an amazing conference run.

My second spot would go to Stewart's 1981-82 squad. Ricky Frazier was an All-American that season and Steve Stipanovich and Jon Sundvold were stars as well. That team won both the Big 12 regular season title and the conference tourney championship.

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