No Need To Apologize -

No Need To Apologize

I was in the locker room following last night's game and was on the team plane and spoke on the air with Steve Spagnuolo and privately with one player. No one on the field last night at Cincy thinks the Rams are suddenly playoff contenders because they beat the Bengals. But, they're not about to apologize to anyone about winning a game.

What's happened in two of the first three pre season games sure beats the heck out of what happened in recent seasons. It's a start. So some in town will scoff and say the two road wins are meaningless and have no bearing on the regular season. I'm not interested in arguing about that. But what I've seen in two of the three games beats the you know what out of that slop I witnessed in previous seasons.

And I know this-the players like the direction the team is headed. They appreciate Spags' consistent, determined approach. This is not a coach that's going to flip out at the first sign of adversity or declare victory at the first sign of success.

One offensive veteran told me that after the Bengals had opened the scoring with a 49 yard punt return for a touchdown, Spags calmly approached the offense on the bench and said, 'go get it back.' They did just that with a touchdown drive to tie the game.

I'm not here to cast stones but the truth is the previous head coach neither connected with or inspired his players. Spags is off to a good start in both areas. And after back to back starts of 0-8 and 0-4, a good start sounds real good right about now.

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