Carp or Waino? -

Carp or Waino?

Before today's one hitter by Chris Carpenter I would have given the nod to Adam Wainwright in the Cy Young race based on Wainwright's ability to stay healthy all season. He delivered quality starts when the Cardinals needed them in the first half of the season. But after watching Carpenter dominate today, I'm keeping an open mind.

Wainwright leads the league in wins but Carpenter leads the league in earned run average. That should always trump wins when the stats are close. A pitcher can't control how many runs his team scores for him. What he can control is how many runs he surrenders. And when Carpenter is right, like he was today, I think he's the best pitcher in the game.

The final three weeks will determine which Cardinal or non-Cardinal wins the award. It's too close to call right now.

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