The Commish Drops The Ball -

The Commish Drops The Ball

The Patriots "spygate" scandal aside, I give NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell high marks in his time as head of the league. But, he made a mistake by cutting Michael Vick's suspension in half.

Let me remind those who are ready to unload on me that I firmly believe Vick SHOULD BE allowed to resume his football career. He has done his time and now can return to his profession just as any other convicted citizen can. But his crimes were heinous in nature and despicable. A three game suspension is not enough. The commish should have stood by his initial six game ban.

Yes, I'm aware he was away from the game for two years but not because of suspension. He was serving prison time for his crimes. Suspension or not, he couldn't have played. Six games was a more reasonable punishment following his release. The commish has shown no previous inclination to go soft on players who run afoul of the law. Why start now?

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