The Rams Undoing -

The Rams Undoing

I HATE the fact that the Seahawks have beaten the Rams nine straight times. Several of those games, including yesterday's game, were winnable. There is nothing special about the 2009 Seahawks but they get credit for making the plays to win the game.

Two things killed the Rams Sunday--penalties and big plays. The Rams defense forced three turnovers and a three and out in the 'Hawks first four possessions. But the Rams couldn't take adavantage because penalties undermined some decent drives. If the Rams take a 7-0 or10-0 lead that game is completely different.

I love that the Rams don't want to take any (stuff) from Seattle or any other team. But, they have to find a way to channel their aggression in productive ways. The Rams held the ball for 9:24 of the first quarter and ran 24 plays to the Seahawks 15. But, four penalties interrupted drives. And in the second quarter, with the Rams at the nine yard line, a false start and delay of game forced the Rams out of the Red Zone.

Still, the game was hanging in the balance at the start of the second half but big plays put the game out of reach. The Seahawks scored 14 points on the strength of three consecutive plays of 38, 33 and 62 yards. That has to be cleaned up and now.

Disappointing day but not totally discouraging. The Rams bottomed out before Steve Spagnoulo arrived. It's going to take some time to get the Rams fixed.

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