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I Don't Want To Hear It

I thought the Rams performance was flawed but improved in week two. Obviously, it wasn't good enough and a winnable game got away. To me the breakdown is real simple--the defense held the Redskins to nine points and played well enough to win. The offense did not.

The Packers are next and this much we know: there will be Packers fans at the Dome. They travel and travel well. If the Packers win Sunday, I don't want to hear from other members of the media or the Rams players how the fans didn't do their part. The best way to take the Packers fans out of the game is to make plays. Period. That's the players job. The fans won't make a tackle or throw a block or catch a pass. It's time the Rams create some excitement in that dome by playing winning football. End of story.

While I maintain that this is not the die-hard, rabid, football-crazy city that Green Bay is, this is a GOOD football city and a great sports town. Anyone at Rams Park who has come to town in the past five or six years and claims otherwise is speaking out of ignorance. They don't know the full history of the situation.

Fans in this town have been VERY supportive of the Rams. They okayed the use of their tax dollars for construction of a stadium, they bought up all the PSL's available and asked for more, and they sold out the dome for 13 plus seasons. And for five or six years earlier this decade the Rams reciprocated by putting a successful and exciting product on the field. But that was then and this is now. The Rams have given the fans nothing to be excited about the past two years. Winning five of 34 games does not build confidence in the fan base. Despite that, the game figures to be a sell out. And, Packers fans or not, that is noteworthy.

A win this Sunday would do wonders for the fans' morale and it would give the team a needed shot of confidence. Don't tell me the game isn't winnable. The Bungles went to Lambeau Field and scored 31 points. Cedric Benson ran for 141 yards. The Rams are capable of winning this game even if some Cheeseheads make their share of noise.

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