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Where Do Rams Go From Here?

The streak has hit 14 games. The Rams are the new Lions. As unpleasant as that sounds it's how the rest of the NFL views the team. And it won't change until the Rams figure out a way to win some games.

Cutting down on turnovers is the obvious course of action. But, if I may disgaree with the head coach here, I think penalties are as crushing as the turnovers. The Rams lead the league with 32 penalties. The 49ers, by contrast, have committed just 20. If the Rams had 12 fewer penalties they might have more points and maybe a win or two. You cannot win playing undisciplined football. Five of the six most penalized teams are the Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Raiders and Bills. Their combined record is 3 and 17. End of story. If I was the head coach I'd make it clear that guys who cannot focus and remain disciplined will lose playing time. Period. Enough is enough.

As for the Rams offense, it's a mess. It's too big a job to try to correct everything that's wrong. I'd start with improving one key area this week: first down production. Through the first three qaurters Sunday, the Rams averaged 0.9 yards on first down plays. That leaves you in impossibly long second and third down situations. Improve first down this week and MAYBE you can extend drives and MAYBE score some points.

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