Here Come the 4-0 Vikings -

Here Come the 4-0 Vikings

Great. Just what the Rams need to see right now, a really good football team. The best thing the Rams have going for them this week is the Monday Night Football hangover. The Vikes played an emotional, physical game Monday night. That leaves them with a short week and a road trip to make. Hey, that's really all I got. All the statistical, analytical information points to an easy Vikings win.

The Rams defense hasn't been great but it has been far better than the Rams offense which has been, in a word, feeble. And the already unproven and thin receiving corps is banged up. Someone is going to have to step up and make a play in the passing game because the Vikings are money against the run and I know they'll stack 8 guys in the box to stop Steven Jackson.

The Rams offense is at or near the bottom in just about every major category: 32nd in points scored, 30th in passing yards per game, 30th in total yards per game, 31st in first down production, and 32nd in penalties. Their six red zone possessions are the fewest and the overall QB rating of 67.5 is fourth worst. Despite all that, Steven Jackson leads the NFC in rushing yards. If he ever gets some help from the passing game, he may go crazy.

We'll see the Rams wear the throwbacks from the "Greatest Show" era. That offense is a distant memory these days.

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