Patience Please(okay, pretty please) -

Patience Please(okay, pretty please)

I know it's tough to ask a fan base to be patient after fans have watched their team lose 32 of the past 37 games. But I'll say now what I said when Steve Spagnuolo took the job--it's going to take some time.

The Rams were never going to be a quick-fix turnaround. The team's demise was years in the making. It took several years of bad personnel decisions coupled with poor leadership to kill the product. Now, it will take more than one off-season and one regular season to get the Rams back into contention.

Spagnuolo, in my opinion, has the quiet toughness and leadership skills to get through this mess. The players have responded despite what the 0-5 record indicates. Should they be better than 0-5? Yes. And Spagnuolo is accountable for all the turnovers and the penalties accrued by his team. But I do believe in the not so distant future this team will have a tougher edge to it and will play largely mistake-free, disciplined football . The approach is the same one used with great success by both Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin.

Are the Rams going 0-16? No. I don't know how many wins north of two they'll end up with but I expect them to win two of their three home games against NFC West teams. The Seahawks are not great despite their thumping of the Jags and the 49ers aren't THAT good. They haven't won a game outside the division. And the drought might end this Sunday at Jacksonville. The keys for the Rams--play decent run defense and hold on to the ball. That will give them a chance to break the streak against the Jags.

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