Young Drivers & Texting Are Bad Combination -

Young Drivers & Texting Are Bad Combination

Tonight I interviewed Ryan Haines, and his story should be enough reason for all drivers to avoid texting while driving regardless of age. Last month Haines heard a boom outside his home in south city, he ran outside and saw a green sedan on its side. Four teens ranging in age from 14 to 16 were outside the car walking around - the teenagers had just smashed into several parked cars before rolling their vehicle on its side. Haines called police, the officers told him the driver was either texting or playing with the radio. Missouri just passed a new law that bans drivers under 21 from texting while driving. Personally, I think the law should extend to all drivers regardless of age. In fact the state of Illinois has approved a law that does just that, and it goes into effect on January 1st. It seems like distracted drivers are everywhere, in fact I was behind a guy today who was swerving while trying to read a road map. It seems like texting is just another distraction, and all drivers should be looking at the road rather than sending messages on their phone.

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