North County grandma hugs three cops -

North County grandma hugs three cops

Sheila Morris had just put lunch on the stove for her eight-year old grandson in late July. She was tired, having just finished working the third shift at her job.

She went to sit down... ended up laying down and falling asleep. You see where this is going. Next thing you know the home is filled with smoke. Grandson Dylan calls to his grandmother but can't find her. He runs out of the house to a neighbors who calls 9-1-1.

The police department is a few minutes closer than the fire department and the cops got there first.

"I forgot about the third-grade tactics, stop, drop and roll and once that kicked in I was able to go in and make my way to the victim," Officer Derrick Sutton told me minutes after receiving a plaque from his proud police chief at tonight's Moline Acres council meeting.

Sheila Morris is so thankful to him, Sergeant David Bobo and Officer Charles Dawson who all helped get her to safety. She had fallen and hurt her leg and couldn't walk.

"I just thought that was wonderful," Shiela told me. "They did not have to do that. They did not have to risk their lives. I am very grateful."

"That's one of the best feelings you can ever have," said Officer Dawson. "It's like every now and then you win one."


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