Repeat Drunk Driver Sentenced to 28 years -

Repeat Drunk Driver Sentenced to 28 years

Today a Madison County Judge sentenced 57 year old Donald Canterbery for the drunk driving accident that killed a young couple and their unborn child. You may remember we first told you about Adam and Lindsey Zimmer's deaths in February of this year. The couple was on their way to a Blues hockey game when Zimmer slammed into the back of the Zimmer's car on Route 111. Police tell us that Canterbery was driving 151 miles per hour at the time of the accident. The force of the crash not only killed the Zimmer's but their son they'd hope to name Riley.

I had a chance today to speak with the Madison County State's Attorney Bill Mudge about the case. Mudge told me that he is satisfied Canterbery will serve the maximum sentence of 28 years. He also said that this case reminded him that there needs to be change in federal law. Why? Canterbery is a repeat drunk driver and his office didn't realize it until it was too late. Canterbery has been arrested and convicted in four other states (Colorado, Texas, Utah and Indiana) besides Illinois. Canterbery was charged with his first DUI in Madison County in January of 2009. The way the system is currently set up arresting officers can't automatically tell what crimes someone's committed in other states.

Do you think that we need to pressure our federal leaders to make this change?

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