March to the Arch to Remember 9-11 -

March to the Arch to Remember 9-11

A group of more than 50 people wrapped up a day-long march to the Arch tonight. They were walking to remember those killed on 9-11. The group started with a couple dozen marchers and others joined along the way.

They were a memorable sight as they walked through downtown St. Louis tonight making their way to the Arch. Most held American flags. Some parents pulled their kids in wagons.

The march was organized by Bo Drochelman. He does this each year on 9-11. The first year he did it alone. He said tonight when we talked with him that he just felt he had to do something. The response from on-lookers was positive. He says that young, old, male, female, all races....they honked and waved and gave the group a thumbs up.

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