The Arlin Henderson Case Gets a Lift from NASCAR -

The Arlin Henderson Case Gets a Lift from NASCAR

If you've been around St. Louis for awhile then you know the name Arlin Henderson. He was 11-years-old when he disappeared while riding his bike in 1991 in Moscow Mills.

The Dugard case in California has given renewed hope to families across the country who have missing loved ones. Henderson's family is still holding out hope 18 years later. A race team is helping them keep Arlin's case in the public eye. At a race today at Gateway International Raceway there was an "age progressed" picture of Arlin Henderson on the tailgate of one of the trucks in the race and on both sides of the truck. It showed what he might look like today and told the world he was missing.

The family says they will not give up hope. Is it a longshot that they will ever find out what happened to Arlin? Some say yes. But then again, they thought the same thing with Shawn Hornbeck. And the same thing with Jaycee Dugard.

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