Alert Mizzou Fan Nabs Bank Robber -

Alert Mizzou Fan Nabs Bank Robber

This is a crazy story, and it's a good one. On Saturday afternoon Sam Lakey took his family to Columbia for the Mizzou game, but because the hotels in Columbia were sold out they ended up at the Super 8 in Kingdom City. Lakey was sitting at breakfast on Saturday morning when he spotted Chad Schaffner in the lobby for breakfast. Schaffner was wanted by the FBI for robbing at least 10 banks, including the UMB bank in Caseyville, Illinois last week. Lakey also spotted Schaffner's car in the parking lot, and remembered the plate number after seeing it on our broadcast. It turns out Lakey is also a former state patrolman. Lakey called the patrol, they responded, Schaffner was arrested. We gave this story a lot of coverage, and we are glad this suspected bank robber was arrested without anyone getting hurt. I should also mention Lakey made it to the Mizzou game on time.

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