Casino or the Birds? -

Casino or the Birds?

Opponents to the proposed casino in north St Louis county say they have several reasons to be against this project. But among the most interesting is the concern they have for the wildlife in the area.
The area, is the 4 thousand acre Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. It is a remarkable site, that features an overlook platform where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet. The casino would go just past the conservation area's southern border, near I-270. Opponents point out the river is a main migration route for millions of birds and the ecosystem is too fragile to have a giant hotel, casino and golf course right next to it.
A lawyer for the developer, tells me this is no different from any other casino that is near the water, as is dictated by Missouri law. Plus he says the casino would create two thousand jobs and tax revenue.
It does re-ignite and age old conflict, of pitting a developer against the interests of wildlife.

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