Stimulus Money Pushes N.Tucker Blvd. Project Forward -

Stimulus Money Pushes N.Tucker Blvd. Project Forward

In September of 2007, the city shut down three blocks of N. Tucker Blvd. from Cole to O'Fallon in downtown St. Louis for fear the street would collapse. Since then, various lanes of Tucker from Washington to O'Fallon have been blocked to limit traffic on the street.

That section of street is actually a bridge over an old, decaying underground railroad tunnel.

The city has said the bridge is in such disrepair, it has to be removed. The cost of removal and construction of a new street is around $40 million.

This year, the city has approval to use $17 million. That money, combined with $17.4 million in federal transportation grant funds and $3.4 million in city funds will pay for the project.

The city's Board of Public Service president says the final design plans have to be submitted by December. Work on the street will be done in two phases.

Phase 1 from Cass to Gay begins next Spring and is expected to take a year.
Phase 2 from Gay to Washington Ave. begins next August and will take a year.
Competion of the entire length of Tucker Blvd near downtown is set to for completion in the summer of 2011.

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