Mother of Hazelwood West Middle student reacts to bus camera video of son's beating -

Mother of Hazelwood West Middle student reacts to bus camera video of son's beating

The Hazelwood School District won't share it with us, but the principal of Hazelwood West Middle School did share it with 12-year old Corey Branam's mother, Amy. Amy Branam says the principal warned her it was bad. Amy says the principal told her Corey was attacked and assaulted.

Here's what Amy says she saw. There was no audio on the tape but it looked like one kid was verbally harrassing Corey. He appeared to be telling the kid to leave him alone and he didn't want to fight.

That's when the eighth-grade bully apparently got a sixth-grader to do his dirty work. The sixth-grade boy straddled Corey and punched him in the head and stomach and then "stepped on his private parts."

Amy says watching the tape (which she said she did eight to ten times) was mortifying. It's hard for her to talk about but she wants to.

She says she's happy with the swift action by the school... suspending the two boys. Both COULD be expelled.

But one request is being denied by the school district. Amy would like the bus camera video to be made public. She wants parents to see what some of their kids are capable of. She says perhaps it would cut down on the frequency of these types of sitiations. For privacy reasons, Hazelwood Schools say they're not releasing that video.

I talked to Corey again today after school. He said the day was fine and a few kids even came up and commended him on his courage to go on TV last night and talk about what happened to him.

He says he's ready to get back on the school bus. His mother (who's been taking him and picking him up the past couple of days) is torn. She MAY let him go on the bus Friday but hasn't decided.

She's still not 100% convinced her son will be safe.

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