Two Men Killed "Execution-Style" in Washington Park -

Two Men Killed "Execution-Style" in Washington Park

Two men were shot "execution style" and their bodies left in the street in Washington Park, Illinois. It happened in the overnight hours. We spoke with some neighbors who tell us that they heard gunshots about 3:00 this mornng. But it's the kind of neighborhood where they frequently hear gunshots.

The victims are young: 20-year-old Charles Black and 21-year-old Kevin McVay, jr. Both men are from East St. Louis.

Police say the bodies were found in front of a home at 1100 North 48th street. We talked with some neighbors and they tell us that the home is know around the neighborhood as something of a "party house." Young people frequently coming and going from the place They tell us that the three women who live there are all young, perhaps 19 and 20. When we were at the scene on Friday afternoon there were several police officers surrounding the house. Some had guns drawn. A tip said a suspect may be in the house. Police would not say what exactly happened this afternoon while they were there but we did not see any apparent arrests. Neighbors say the women were taken away.

Police are asking you if you know anything to call them or call crimestoppers:

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