Parking Ticket Is *Not* Yours .... -

Parking Ticket Is *Not* Yours ....

Steve Baker, the Assistant Treasurer, for the City of St. Louis , makes it easy for News 4 to solve a problem for one of our 80 year viewers.He has cancer, is on oxygen, and claims he got a parking ticket that does *not* belong to him. So, what do you do, if you find yourself facing the same problem. Baker tells News 4 about a little known process, called the Adjudication Hearing. It is an administrative hearing. The request must be made within the first 30 days after the ticket is issued. You simply call 314- 450-2830, and follow the automated prompts. You can schedule your hearing by using the phone. Only the registered owner of the vehicle can call. You will get a date and time, for Monday through Thursday, between 4 and 8pm, when you can go in person, to the Parking Violation Bureau, at 229 North 7th Street, for your hearing. You should bring the parking violation, ticket, and any documentation that supports your position.

Using the same phone number, you can also ask for an Administrative Review, if it involves a street sign, which you feel is either wrong or misleading.

Robin Smith

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