Belleville School Bus Beating Students Get Maximum Penalty -

Belleville School Bus Beating Students Get Maximum Penalty

The students caught on video in the Belleville school bus beating are facing criminal charges, they're also suspended from school and tonight they found out they will be expelled from school for not only this year but the next school year as well. The two-year expulsion is the maximum allowed under the law. The Board of Education members saying that a message has to be sent that this behavior won't be tolerated.

Because of privacy laws the students could only be referred to as Student "A" and Student "B". But students and parents in the district pretty much know who is involved.

Although the Board was united in the vote (7 to 0) the parents were split over the expulsion. Some went before the Board and said education is for everyone and it doesn't help these students to expel them. Others saying that they don't care about the students who terrorize others and that concern is for the students who come to school and obey the rules.

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