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Hidden "No Parking" signs cause frustration downtown

Last Friday around 4:30pm I was standing on the Corner of Tucker and Clark getting ready to do a report on the crime of the day in front of police headquarters when I witnessed something that didn't look right to me.

People were driving up to parking meters on Tucker outside City Hall, putting change in the meter and walking away. Moments later I saw a meter cop putting $25 ticket for a parking violation on their windshields.

Being the inquisitive sort I am, I asked the cop why he put tickets on those cars when clearly the meters show there's money in them.

He told me, "You can't park here from 4pm to 6pm Monday through Friday." I asked him where's the sign that says that. He pointed to a pole that had an overgrown potted plant hanging from it. I walked over and looked behind the overgrowth and there was the sign.

It was the same deal on poles around the building. I asked him why he's ticketing people when it's clear (to me at least) they're not seeing the signs.

He told me, "They know they're there." Okay. Turns out those signs have been around for more than 50 years, but I haven't been here very long and I image there's people showing up to City Hall every day for the first time to do some business. They're just supposed to know? C'mon.

Turns out the city Parks Recreation and Forestry Department is in charge of those plants. A guy in that office told me he wasn't aware of an issue but after I called he went out and looked at the overgrown plants and told me they'll be trimmed tomorrow.

That's nice.

The couple of frustrated people I talked to last Friday told me they plan to appeal their tickets.

I hope they win.

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