The garbage-free family -

The garbage-free family

Patrick Stoll has a wife and four-year old and says they generate ZERO garbage.

Patrick says everything down to their toothbrushes and clothes dryer lint is either recycled or reused. Wow. That is something.

So Stoll is one of a very small percentage (way under 1%) of South St. Louis County taxpayers refusing to abide by an ordinance that requires them have a contract with a trash collector.

He says he doesn't need it, so why pay for it. He plans to challenge the ordinance in court.

I found out about Patrick through State Senator Jim Lembke (R) St. Louis. Lembke says county officials are threatening and intimidating people like Patrick Stoll. The Senator points to language on the violation letter sent to some constituents which states in bold print: FAILURE TO PAY MAY RESULT IN A WARRANT BEING ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST AND/OR SUSPENSION OF YOUR DRIVING PRIVILEGES.

I talked to a county spokesperson about that. He told me the language is there because it's in the state statute, however the county has not gone that far and has no intention of going that far.

The Senator says if that's the case, they shouldn't have that language on the letter.

Meantime Patrick's not paying his fine. He told me if he has to he'll take it to the state Supreme Court and if they ruled against him, he'd sell his house and move to another county.

That's conviction.

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