Guy gives HIV to girlfriend... allegedly -

Guy gives HIV to girlfriend... allegedly

St. Louis County's Prosecuting Attorney's Office has charged 40-year old Orlando Hadley with six counts of recklessly risking infection of another with HIV.

Police say he knew he had the virus which causes AIDS and purposely withheld that information from the woman police say he had "numerous sexual encounters with."

This all came to their attention when the woman found out SHE had HIV.

The folks at St. Louis Effort for AIDS, an advocacy group for people with HIV and AIDS say this is horrible. One of their top priorities with clients is explaining the importance of altering their behavior so they don't risk spreading the disease and by all means being honest with whoever they're in a relationship with.

Police suspect there could be more women out there who've had sexual contact with Hadley. They say anyone who has since February 2009 should contact the police at 889-2341 but more importantly get tested for HIV.

There are more than a dozen places in the St. Louis Metro area to get a free HIV test. To make an appointment through St. Louis Effort for AIDS, people can call 645-6451.

For more on St. Louis Effort for AIDS click here.

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