Can Business in St. Louis Take off With Fewer Flights? -

Can Business in St. Louis Take off With Fewer Flights?

We came across this Post-Dispatch blog that caught our attention.

Scottrade (the investment company), based in St. Louis for about three decades, expects to see American Airlines cuts impact their business operations.

I spoke to Chris Moloney, the company's chief marketing officer, who says that Scottrade books thousands of flights with American Airlines yearly. While the company uses Southwest or other airlines, AA provided most of their business travel.

Scottrade has branches in each of the 20 cities impacted by AA's scheduled cuts. Moloney explains it will take longer for their associates to travel to St. Louis if they have to take more connecting flights. Perhaps what could have been a quick direct flight will now require an overnight stay. That means the company is paying for more hotel rooms and associates are away from their families longer.

It's worth taking a look at the big picture too. If St. Louis can't advertise itself as a hub, can it still entice new companies to move to St. Louis? Obviously, ease of travel is only one piece of the puzzle for a company looking to relocate, but it may also be one less selling point for the city.

I checked with a few other companies in St. Louis for their reaction. Some said they couldn't get their travel stats together on short notice this afternoon. So, I wonder... how do the cuts affect your company?

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