City takes care of hidden "no parking" signs -

City takes care of hidden "no parking" signs

I reported Tuesday how people parking at meters outside City Hall along Tucker Boulevard were getting ticketed between the hours of 4pm and 6pm Monday through Friday even though the "no parking" signs were covered up with overgrown potted plants.

After getting almost nowhere with one city official who wasn't the least bit sympathetic toward those who got tickets near the hidden signs, the official referred me to the Parks Recreation and Forestry Department.

They acknowledged it's there job to water and maintain those potted plants but were unaware their overgrowth was causing a problem.

They sent someone out to take a look and then sent crews out to trim them.

Yeah!... News Four making a difference!... maybe.

I came out today to take a look for myself and even though the "no parking" signs are clearly visible now, people are still parking illegally along Tucker. I counted three cars with parking tickets on their windshields around 4:30pm.

No excuses now.

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