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Missouri State Representative Takes Bribes

Today Representative T.D. El-Amin pleads guilty to accepting a little more than two thousand dollars in bribes. A FBI investigation found that El-Amin agreed to help a St. Louis gas station owner with a problem he was having as long as he gave him some money. In March of 2009 El-Amin asked "John Doe" for one thousand dollars. John Doe refused to pay the money. A month later John Doe agreed to payment plan for El-Amin's assistance. By June of 2009 John Doe had delivered several payments to El-Amin that totaled to twenty-one hundred dollars.

Court Doucuments released today offer a transcript of the conversations between El-Amin and John Doe. The papers also indicate that two St. Louis City officials are some what involved in the scandal. An alderman because he was leaning on John Doe for money and was ultimately the reason Doe contacted El- Amin and a city department head. Near the end of the transcript El-Amin suggests it would move the process along faster if John Doe gives the department head a check for one thousand dollars.

El-Amin will be sentenced on December 14th at 11:15am.

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