Deceased Hazelwood student's mother speaks -

Deceased Hazelwood student's mother speaks

I won't rehash everything my colleague Laurie Waters blogged about a few hours ago. It's clear tonight, Asia Moore's mother Kim Conley is convinced the H1N1 flu played a big role in her 14-year old daughter's death.

She says doctors told her Asia had the flu, but she also had a rare infection that reached her brain and ultimately caused her death.

It all happened so fast to this teen with big plans. Her mom says she already picked out a career (lawyer) and a university (St. Louis University).

On Tuesday, September 15th, Asia was just fine... she even went for a mile jog. But the next day she had a fever of 102-degrees. She started having seizures and her mom had an ambulance rush her to Children's Hospital.

She said doctors told her it looked like the flu and she'd be okay in a few days. But things took a sudden and surprising turn and Asia died on Tuesday, September 22nd at 8:31pm according to her mother.

Again, no doctor has told News 4 how Asia died. The St. Louis County Health Department is investigating.

Prayers for Asia's family and friends.

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