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Facebook post leads to kidney transplant

In late June, LeAnna Obermeyer was frustrated. Her father who had a history of health problems, badly needed a kidney, but because of his other health issues he could not be on the transplant list... The only way he'd get a kidney is if someone volunteered to give him one.

After some close family members were not a match, his daughter vented on her facebook page about the situation.

A friend from their Festus church, Jack-e Merseal, saw the post and told LeAnna she'd donate a kidney if she was a match. She was and on Wednesday doctors at St. Louis University Hospital took one of Jack-e's healthy kidneys and gave it to LeAnna's father, John Baynes.

John's recovering in intensive care. Jack-e is in a regular room and should go home very soon. Jack-e couldn't be more selfless.

"Apparently from what I hear it's a really great thing that I did. But I think I just did something human," Jack-e told me from her hospital bed.

LeAnna is ecstatic her father is on the mend.

"Whoda thought facebook would save a life," she told me outside her dad's intensive care room. "I keep telling Jack-e, I can't find the words to say thanks to her. Thanks is something you say to the person handing you food in the drive through. 'Oh thanks'... We don't know how to thank her exactly."

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