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Dave Sinclair Remembered

I grew up in St. Louis.

Back in the days before cable TV when there were only a handful of local stations the television viewing was fairly limited. When you were in high school or college and you got home late on a weekend night the choice of shows on your TV was a few old movies or The Three Stooges. That's when I first came across Dave Sinclair. You remembered the man because it seemed he was always there. He was a constant. A free undercoat? I didn't even know what the heck that was. I had to ask my Dad if that was something they did to a car... or was it like a man's suitcoat?

I left St. Louis and went to Mizzou. When I left Columbia I moved around the country and worked in Texas, California and Oklahoma before returning to St. Louis. During those years I would come home on vacation. Each time, I would see Dave Sinclair on the TV. He was part of St. Louis. He was always there. Dave Sinclair, the south county Ford dealer.

Years later, when I was back in St. Louis, I met him on a story. We were covering the Firestone tire recall. One of his long-time employees said he was a "straight shooter." I'd have to agree. Over the next few years I would do an occasional interview with him. He always asked about my wife and family. After interviews we would sit and chat. He was always a delight to talk with. He said he was a man of a thousand opinions and willing to share them all. It was a pleasure to share some with him.

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