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Teen's "South Butt" Clothing Brand Draws Fire from "The North Face"

The North Face Vs. The South Butt.... will the case end up in court?

Jimmy Winkelmann, founder of The South Butt clothing line, says he's up for a fight.

The 18-year-old Mizzou college freshman says he stumbled onto the idea after he joked someone should start a clothing line called The South Butt as an alternative to The North Face gear.

The teen and his friends shot a commercial for the line and put it on You Tube. Winkelmann created a website and began selling t-shirts, shorts, and fleece jackets. Winkelmann says his sales total about $5,000 a year.

Winkelmann has plans to expand and got help from his family to try and register his new brand.

In August, Winkelmann received a letter from lawyers representing The North Face asking Winkelmann to stop using The South Butt logo made to resemble The North Face logo. The company's lawyers also took issue with the slogan, "Never Stop Relaxing." The North Face's slogan is "Never Stop Exploring."

Winkelmann hired an attorney and wrote back to the company, offering to sell The South Butt for a million dollars. He says he has not heard back yet.

These cases aren't that uncommon. McDonald's recently took issue with a restaurant in Malaysia called McCurry.

Large companies are often vigilant about protecting trademarks. There is a lot of value in a name and recognizable logo.

In court, the cases come down to the likelihood of confusion. Would The North Face customers confuse the brand for The South Butt?

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