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Swine Flu? Hospital Says Stay Home....

Dr. Max Burgdorf says this is a "first" of its kind collective anxiety , over a potential flu season, that he has ever seen in his 30 year medical career. Burgdorf is the Medical Director for SSM Glennon Care Pedriatrics.

The SSM health Care system is posting warnings at all entrances and elevators, beginning Friday. Some guidelines have already been posted at Cardinal Glennon Hospital for Children.
It basically asks you to *not* visit, if you are:
-- under the age of 18
-- in a high risk group ( pregnant, diabetic, have asthma, undergoing treatment for cancer, etc. )
-- or if you have flu symptoms

If you are in one of these categories, and *do* decide to visit, they will provide you with a mask for free.

This warning impacts all 7 SSM Health Care Locations, including:
-- Cardinal Glennon
--St. Clare in Fenton
--St. Joseph in St. Charles
-- St. Joseph in Wentzville
-- St. Joseph in Lake St. Louis
-- and St. Mary's in Richmond Heights

If you have any questions about these new guidelines and recommendations, you are asked to speak with a member of the nursing staff, at any of those locations.

Robin Smith

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