Family Looks for Help in Hit and Run Case -

Family Looks for Help in Hit and Run Case

With a husband in the hospital and a hit and run driver on the loose Sandi Graham took to email to get the word out about her wreck. She sent us a note this morning, asking that we put out a description of the driver that sent the couple to the hospital on Saturday.

Maryland Heights Police are still finishing up the report, but officers know that around 10:15 p.m. on Saturday night, a pickup truck ran the Graham's motorcycle off the road. The Grahams were thrown off the bike and landed in the street. The truck never stopped.

A couple behind the Grahams saw the wreck. Danny Brown and his wife used their vehicle to shield the injured Grahams from oncoming traffic and stayed until help arrived. Sandi called them "angels." Brown says the truck did not yield to the bike and seemed to make no effort to stop.

The description of the truck is vague (white or silver, possibly a Ford) and police don't have a lot of information to give out. Still, Sandi says she is determined to try and find the person responsible for causing the crash.

Her husband remains in the hospital with a lacerated spleen, broken ribs, cuts and bruises. Sandi says doctors have not said when her husband will be able to go home, but doctors were hopeful that Charlie's spleen would heal on its own.

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