Significant percentage of young adults not working -

Significant percentage of young adults not working

I read an article in the New York Post the other day which quotes the Labor Department as saying the number of young Americans without a job is at a post-World War II high... around 53% (this is not the same as the unemployment rate).

These "young" people are 16 to 24 years old. The older members of this group concern me most. After spending four (or more) years studying with the help of student loans or mom and dad's money, there's nothing for these people? I hope not.

I went over to Washington University where the Director of the Career Center explains it is tougher out there, but students are getting hired by good companies. In fact Mark Smith told me more than 100 companies are going to be on campus Friday for a career fair in which they're looking to hire some sharp, young soon-to-be graduates.

Smith says don't believe the negative hype. The job outlook isn't dire in his mind.

Some of the students I walked up to on campus weren't the most optimistic bunch. A couple of the students told me they have friends who graduated a year ago and still haven't started their careers... and not because they lack ambition.

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