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East St. Louis Mayor makes sacrifice for city

Mayor Alvin Parks has decided to do something the East St. Louis city council as a whole is unwilling to do... forgo his monthly expense account.

The Mayor receives an $800 check each month from the city to use at his discretion... perhaps host a fancy lunch for a company considering doing business in East St. Louis... That sort of thing.

Mayor Parks makes $50,000 a year as Mayor so giving up the additional $800 per month (which he says he'll do at least until the end of this year) is significant since he doesn't have another job.

But with a nearly three-million dollar budget shortfall for East St. Louis, that $800 per month doesn't have a huge economic impact... but perhaps it will have a symbolic one.

They Mayor told me at a time where city employees are taking furloughs or being laid off, are having to work with fewer resources and citizens are getting less from their government, Mayor Parks says he feels obligated to make a personal sacrifice.

Seems admirable to me.

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