Soccer Hopes -

Soccer Hopes

As Chicago waits for word on the 2016 Olymoics, some here in St Louis will also be watching.
If Chicago wins, then St Louis becomes a finalist for hosting some Olympic soccer games. The proposal is to host the 5 or 6 games at the Edward Jones Dome. These would be preliminary games before the medal round.
6 cities are now fnalists, and 4 will be picked. The competiton includes New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Minneapolis and Pasadena, and the decision will be up to the Chicago Olympic Commission.
I happen to think St Louis has a good shot at this, given it's Olympic history and affinity for the sport of soccer.
The sports commission here also thinks it can lure some Olymoic athletes for trials, practices and even exhibitions.
I'm told given the thinking of the IOC, the chances of St Louis ever hosting an Olympic Games are long gone, but it seems the city can still try and catch some Olympic spirit if the opportunity is there.

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