Limbaugh & Checketts Make Bid to Buy Rams -

Limbaugh & Checketts Make Bid to Buy Rams

Rush Limbaugh and Blues Chairman Dave Checketts confirmed that they are trying to buy the St. Louis Rams.

We went to 101 ESPN sports talk radio this afternoon to talk to Randy Karraker, Bob Ramsey and D'Marco Farr to get a feel for what the fans are saying. Limbaugh fans say it would be a good thing. Limbaugh critics say it would be a bad thing. It certainly raises some interesting possibilities. Would Limbaugh use his popular radio show to talk about the Rams? Would millions tune in to hear about St. Louis and the Rams? Would Rush Limbaugh be a silent partner? Can the man who makes his money stirring the pot and giving his opinions even be a "silent" partner?

The concensus seems to be that Dave Checketts is a hands-on owner when it comes to the Blues. As Bob Ramsey said, if Checketts can use the template of the blues ownership and apply it to the Rams it could be a success.

But while Limbaugh often talks of his love for football and the NFL on his radio show (the Pittsburgh Steelers are his favorite team he says) his past with the league has been controversial. In 2003 he said Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media wanted a black quarterback to succeed. The uproar that followed led to Limbaugh quitting the "Sunday NFL Countdown" show.

Stay tuned.

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