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30 Year Old St. Louis County Man Arrested with 14 Year Old

The first meeting may have been the start of a typical teenager courtship, had one man not allegedly lied about his age.

St. Louis County police arrested a 30 year old man on Monday. They say he told a 14 year old girl he was 17 after meeting her at a sporting event last month. The two struck up a conversation, then exchanged phone numbers, and talked on the phone for a couple of weeks.

On Monday, police got involved when the parent of the 14 year old walked in on the young teen with the 30 year old man. Police say the man went to the girls home when she was alone. The parent apparently knew right away that this man was no teenage boy.

Christopher Elders is in jail, now charged with statutory sodomy in the second degree.

St. Louis County Police say they have reason to believe there is at least one more victim and they want parents to talk to their teens about the case.

Police say Elders is not married and does not work with children (i.e. he is not a teacher or school bus driver).

The details of the meeting with the 14 year old have been purposefully left out in order to protect the identity of the young victim.

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