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H1N1 Vaccine Here

US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited St. Louis University's Center for Vaccine Development today, highlighting a local institution involved in the clinical trials for the H1N1 Vaccine.
Individuals really have to get in touch with their health care provider because there are different protocols for different ages/health conditions.
But of course, not everyone has a regular provider... so the city says to call 211 and ask the United Way about health clinics.
Here's what Dr. Bob Belshe said about who should get what....
Children ten years of age and older, and adults, get one dose of vaccine, either the spray or the shot.
Children 6 mo - 9 years can get two sprays. (Under 6 mo., no vaccine)
Healthy Adults over 49 years old should wait to get the shot because the supplies are "rolling in" and this group is the least affected because they have immunities from earlier outbreaks.
Also, the City and County are looking at "mass vaccinations" at schools once the supplies are in.
Government supplied vaccinations are likely to be free... private providers can charge for administering the shot.

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