New Information: Triple shooting -

New Information: Triple shooting

News 4 has a copy of court documents released to about the triple shooting in La Salle Park early Monday morning. The documents say 22 year old Mario Coleman shot all three victims: an off duty police officer, former firefighter and a nurse; 34 year old V.A. nurse Gina Stallis died Monday. We also learned that the police officer was shot 5 times; three of times in the chest. Also, before fleeing the suspects, Coleman and a 16 year old, stole cash and jewelry. The last bit of information I was able to track down was Coleman's past criminal history. Previously he plead guilty to unlawful use of a weapon and burglary.

Coleman is being held on a one million dollar bond. He's charged with 12 felony counts that include first degree murder.

The St. Louis Circuit Court Attorney's Office has not said if the 16 year old in custody has also been charged.

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