Gov. Quinn in Edwardsville for College Funding Rally -

Gov. Quinn in Edwardsville for College Funding Rally

Governor Pat Quinn toured the state yesterday and today, making a final stop at Southern Illinois University to speak to students and staff about recent funding cuts.

To Get You Caught Up:
When the Illinois government began to slash it's budget over the summer, The Monetary Award Program (MAP) was cut. Schools across the state are affected by this.

At Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, the financial aid director tells me the school is losing $5.3 million in funding for the spring semester. This means that around 2,800 low-income students who were awarded an average of $1,200 will not receive it unless the legislature comes up with new funding.

What's Next?
Next week, the legislature meets again for the General Assembly Veto session. It's a time when lawmakers can once again tackle bills that were vetoed by the governor or new legislation. Although, it takes a 3/5ths majority to pass bills during this time.... no easy feat.

Governor Quinn is urging students to rally at the capitol and contact their local lawmakers to restore MAP funding during the veto session.

Governor Quinn earlier this year approved a spending plan that lead to the cuts. Although, funding for MAP was included in his original budget.

Where to Find More Information:
You can read what the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, which administers the MAP funds, has to say here.

Overall, Governor Pat Quinn announced state scholarships in Illinois will be underfunded by approximately $225 million in this fiscal year's budget.

These cuts won't affect federal financial aid (like PELL grants).

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