Bartender Says She "Flashed" But Was Not Topless -

Bartender Says She "Flashed" But Was Not Topless

We weren't able to get the Mayor of Alton on-camera tonight because he was on the way to a previous engagement but we did talk with him on the phone. We were looking for his reaction to an arrest at The Pub Room, a bar in Alton. One of the barmaids was arrested for allegedly being topless (more on her reaction in a moment). There are perhaps half a dozen nightspots around Alton that some call "flash bars". The female bartenders are knowwn to flash their breasts and the men are known to leave hefty tips. The mayor says he wants to put an end to "this nonsense."

The Pub Room is the same bar where, one year ago, another female bartender was arrested for allegedly being topless. The mayor is also the liquor commissioner so a bar in violation could lose its liquor license.

As for the bartender---we interviewed her tonight. She told us that she wasn't topless when the officer came into the bar and arrested her. She did admit to flashing earlier in the evening but said she was not topless. She said she plans to fight this. We'll see if the court makes a distinction between being topless and flashing. I'm guessing the judge won't see much of a difference.

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