Cardinal Nation Bummed Out -

Cardinal Nation Bummed Out

Think back to last spring. Around St. Louis excitement was growing as the baseball season was just about to get started. The experts pretty much had written off the Cardinals. Conventional wisdom said the Cubs, the dreaded, hated, much-despised Cubs would win the National League Central. But baseball is a funny game. What is supposed to happen oftentimes doesn't.

Day in and day out it was another glorious season for Cardinal baseball. We've had more than a century of baseball in this town. The good, the bad....has it ever been truly ugly? Well, maybe a few seasons.

But the 2009 season all came to an end tonight. The Cardinals couldn't turn it on in the post-season. I'll let the sports department go over the details and analyze the game. But I'll tell you one thing that struck me tonight. The first time Matt Holliday came to the plate tonight several fans gave him a standing O. That's class. That's cool.

I'm sitting here typing this in the newsroom right now and I'm looking over at one of the monitors. The photographer has put his video tape into a tape deck which "ingests" it into the computer. That means it goes into a computer and all the editing is done on the computer. The video was shot inside the Dodgers' locker room after the game. The players and coaches are showering each other with the celebratory champagne. There's a lot of Dodger blue I'm looking at right now. Since I was born and raised in St. Louis I'm used to seeing scenes like this done up in Cardinal red.

So congratulations to Joe Torre and his ballteam. Good luck to you.

As for Cardinal many days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training?

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