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Environmental coalition deems West St. Louis County creek unsafe

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment say there are extremely high levels of e-coli and other dangerous bacteria in Kiefer Creek in Castlewood State Park.

The looked at federal data and did their own studies to determine, "Pollution at Kiefer Creek is pretty intense. It's about 19 times worse than the problem that made news at Lake of the Ozarks," says Kathleen Logan Smith, the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment.

I talked to a representative from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources who explained to me the state doesn't monitor bacteria levels in that creek. It's not an area the DNR patrols like a public beach. It's a swim-at-your-own-risk situation and it seems there's plenty of risk.

"At the very least we need to make sure people know that it's not really safe to play in that water and swim in that water," says Smith who would like to see the state put up signs that say the water is dangerous.

The state says "Swim at your own risk" signs are already in place, but the DNR representative told me they are happy to take input from the public and if they determine they need to do more they could.

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