Getting a Dr.'s Note -

Getting a Dr.'s Note

Union, Missouri has now joined Washington, Missouri as the only two cities in the country that now require a prescription to buy certain cold and flu medicines. The problem is that when Washington passed its law in June sales of the meds spiked in Union and officials say they think as much as 40 percent of those sales were for the illegal making of meth.
Making people get a doctors note for this can create a problem for some, and just not those looking to break the law. There's little doubt that there are people who have lost their jobs and their health insurance and can't afford a trip to the doctor or maybe they've even lost their doctor. Plus the law comes at a time when the area is gripped in the worst flu season in recent memory.
So the timing may not be ideal. But local leaders in Union say they hope this gets enough attention especially in Jefferson City where state lawmakers will consider a state-wide law because the meth problem in Franklin County is too big to ignore.

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